EUFORGEN is a collaborative program between European countries aimed at the effective conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources.

The Program resulted from Resolution 2 of the Strasbourg Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE) and is supported by Bioversity International (formerly IPGRI) in Rome. This Resolution has been undersigned by 32 European countries including the Netherlands. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has designated J. Buiteveld of CGN as the National Coordinator for the implementation of the Program in the Netherlands. As a member state, the Netherlands is represented in the Steering Committee of EUFORGEN and participates in its activities. Since 1 January 2005 the third phase of the program is implemented with three new species-oriented networks and a new thematic network on conservation of forest genetic resources in the context of sustainable forest management. The latter network is to implement Resolution 4 ("Conserving and Enhancing Forest Biological Diversity in Europe") of the MCPFE meeting in Vienna held in April 2003.  The Netherlands participates in all four EUFORGEN networks ("Scattered Broadleaves", "Standforming Broadleaves", "Conifers" en "Sustainable Forest Management"). The networks convene three times in the five year implementation phase. These project activities include the implementation of the agreed work plan as an input in kind. Distribution of knowledge obtained in the program under Dutch stakeholders also forms part of the activities.

The results of investments of network members are published and distributed by Bioversity International in Rome: posters, folders, guidelines and strategies for ex situ and in situ conservation of forest genetic resources. Genetic material is exchanged bilaterally or through the networks. In the network context research needs are discussed and project proposals are prepared. Forest managers may utilize the information published by the EUFORGEN members as well as exchanged genetic materials. In this way jointly provided input in kind becomes available to all European countries.