Exhibition and lunch dialogue on reef restoration

May 31, 2022

Worldwide crucial reef ecosystems are threatened by various stressors such as climate change and overfishing, often with destructive fishing techniques. How can artificial and other surrogate reefs play a role in reef rehabilitation? How can art and ecology support optimal design in all this? This question inspired Saskia Oosterbroek of the Marine Animal Ecology group of WUR to organise this exhibition and lunch dialogue in collaboration with Impulse.

• Artist Jonat Deelstra with ceramic sculptures ‘Funeral home: The North Sea’. An underwater alternative to traditional funerals in the future
• Designer Max Dijkstra, co-founder of Reefsystems about The Modular Sealife System ( MOSES)
• Ewout Knoester, ecologist and PhD student at Marine Animal Ecology Group( WUR) about his study related to reef restoration.