FERTIPLUS - Reducing mineral fertilisers and agro-chemicals by recycling

FERTIPLUS will take up the challenge to identify innovative processing technologies and strategies to convert urban and farm organic waste to valuable and safe products for agriculture and allow industries to develop projects and provide adequate information on use and quality of the products.


A vast quantity of organic waste is produced annually within the EU. Agriculture is the biggest contributor in organic residues, followed by yard and forestry waste, sludge waste water treatment plant (SWWTP), food processing waste, and organic fraction from municipal waste (OFMSW). The vast majority of this waste stream can be subjected to processing that transforms 'waste' into valuable products. Waste processing can be biological treatment, composting, anaerobic digestion, or pyrolysis resulting in biochar.


The general objective of FERTIPLUS is therefore to identify and develop innovative strategies and technologies to:

  • reduce and replace the application of mineral fertilizers and agro-chemicals;
  • stimulate industry to implement necessary and cost-effective organic waste treatment and recycling processes to produce safe compost and biochar that allow agriculture to improve the efficient utilization of nutrients.

More information

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