Find the best data storage location

Published on
May 3, 2022

WUR offers a range of IT solutions to host and manage research data, such as W:Drive, Yoda and MS Teams. The most appropriate storage solution depends on factors like the type of data, size, retention, performance, access rights, etc. The Data Storage Finder helps you find the best storage solution to meet your specific needs.

Choose the best data storage solution

Different types of research data require different kinds of storage solutions. The WUR Data Storage Finder is an interactive tool to select storage services based on the functionalities you need.

The tool asks several questions to identify suitable data storage services. For instance, does the total amount of your research data exceed 1 TB? Based on the answer, the tool advises specific storage solutions. You can also compare storage solutions on different specifications, such as cost or file recovery.


WUR Library, WDCC, and FB-IT developed the Data Storage Finder, with the help of the coordinating data steward of PSG and several other data stewards. All services presented in this finder tool are verified and supported by the Datadesk and FB-IT. We welcome your feedback on this tool. Please email data@wur with your experiences and ideas.