Food Waste: Transition from Excess to Enough

The project “Food Waste: from Excess to Enough” investigates changes in the food system, focusing on both consumer and retail concepts, to obtain a transition from having excess to having enough.

The food sector aims to provide people with food anywhere, anytime. People themselves have a tendency to focus on having plenty of food in inventory at home, just in case. This ensures that people have food when they want it, but comes at considerable societal costs due to inefficient resource use. The huge amount of food wasted shows the need for a system change in food provisioning.

The project focuses on three lines of research, examining

(1) dynamics in the food system,
(2) the demand side (consumers),
(3) the supply side (retailing).

For insights on the issue of food waste, these prior publications from consortia members may be relevant.

People involved in this project