Student testimonial

Geert Knulst’s experience

The online Food Technology courses offer professionals in the food industry the opportunity to deepen, broaden and update their expertise. The courses are part of the online master's programme in Food Technology. The subjects involved in this online master's programme can also be taken separately; these subjects are called courses or modules.

The modules’ contents are at a good level, well designed with diverse knowledge clips and include good response from the professors.
Geert Knulst is enrolled in the online master's programme in Food Technology and is now taking the course entitled 'Predicting food quality - solving food science problems by modelling'.

What’s your experience with these courses?

Since September 2018 I’ve been following the online master's programme in Food Technology, which consists of 20 modules. I recently started my 5th module: 'Predicting Food Quality - solving food science problems by modelling', which is a challenging module. The modules’ contents are at a good level, well designed with diverse knowledge clips and include good response from the professors. In my work, I was able to immediately begin making models for yeast growth and I gained more insight into the parameters that influence that microbiological activity.

What knowledge where you looking for?

After finishing my bachelor’s in Chemistry, I started working. But after a few years, I realised that if I wanted to be promoted at my job and expand my professional opportunities, I needed more specific and applied knowledge. My most important reason for following this master's is that I can bring the quality of my work to a higher level with the competences I’m learning. In addition, a master's diploma offers more possibilities to further my future career. 

Why did you choose this online course?

Many individual courses in Food Technology are offered online, for example by universities in the US and England. Prior to beginning the full MSc programme at Wageningen University & Research, I sampled some of the individual courses offered by diverse parties. I discovered that the price-quality ratio at WUR was the best. And via the edEx platform, I learned more about the Food Technology courses. A colleague at Cargill had done the MSc Food Technology programme here, and this made me confident that my own course of studies would link up well with what he had learned. I was looking for a complete programme at the university level that I thought I could successfully complete. After all, it’s quite demanding to study and work at the same time, so the connection has to be a good one.  

Do you have any tips for others?

I think that this will be the way of learning in the future. Very to the point and flexible. If you haven’t taken an online module yet, begin with an MOOC and discover the advantages of online education.

Do you have questions about an online Food Technology course? For example, whether or not your previous education is sufficient to be able to take the course of your choice or which MOOC is advisable? Then contact Chantal Doeswijk, who will be happy to help you.