Girls and young mothers as beneficiaries and aspirants in social projects linked to volunteering and tourism

By CC (Trista) Lin, MA
This research project originated from an interest in volunteer tourism in the Global South. Academic research on volunteer tourism has proliferated in recent years. Despite the increasing empirical cases, the approaches adopted and conclusions drawn by these studies are, however, largely fixed. What have often been left out are the realities and contexts of the social projects that serve as the destinations for volunteering and tourism, as well as the multitude of the 'vulnerable' people constituting the beneficiaries of these projects.

To contribute to and further extend the discussions, the research focus is on girls and young mothers who are beneficiaries of two social projects found in international volunteering and tourism. The aim is to understand the relation between these social projects and the beneficiaries' everyday living and desires for care and development, with the hope to further answer the roles volunteering and tourism play in their lives.

prof. Claudio Minca

dr. Meghann Ormond