Global One Health—Transformative Research Challenge Special Prize

Wageningen University & Research is excited to host the Global One Health special prize within the Transformative Research Challenge of World Food Forum (WFF). Teams of young and young-at-heart researchers are invited to submit a two-page concept note proposing an innovative research idea to help end hunger and transform our agrifood systems. Shortlisted and selected participants receive expert mentorship and funding to help translate their concepts into sound research proposals or plans and present them at the WFF global stage in October 2023.

The Global One Health special prize focuses on the need for a global approach for effective and balanced prevention of emerging infectious diseases and responsible crisis management. Researchers are being pushed to propose One Health solutions to minimize the effects of emerging infectious diseases that negatively impact animal, human and environmental health. With an intrinsic focus on the creation of safer agrifood systems that are shielded from zoonotic diseases, in turn, promoting healthier livestock, animals and humans alike. With a One Health approach, agrifood systems are more resilient, and help deliver towards the goal of achieving Zero Hunger for All.

Interested in participating?

Research topics of interest

The special prize looks for effective and sustainable Global One Health solutions that help reduce the burden of zoonotic disease through reduction of spillovers, and management and control. Priority will be given to projects that address zoonoses that have the potential to become pandemic. The scale of action may be at farm level, local, regional or (inter-)national. Topics of interest include:

  • Approaches to making elements of the agri-food system safer from zoonotic events
  • Balancing biodiversity conservation and restauration goals with food and nutrition security by developing the interface between wildlife, livestock and humans in a manner that reduces the risk of zoonoses
  • The interrelation between climate change and zoonosis risk
  • Public administration opportunities to help implement One Health policies, I.e., policies that use a One Health approach and strive for One Health outcomes
  • The interrelation between farming systems and spatial planning, and zoonosis risk
  • The transport and trade – zoonosis risk nexus

Challenges relating to antibiotic resistance are out of scope for the prize.



  • 4 April: Kickoff webinar—Register to take part
  • 31 May: Deadline of application
  • June: Review of Concept Notes by panel of experts and selection of 20 shortlisted teams and pairing of teams with a mentor to support elaboration of Concept Note
  • 15 August: Deadline of submission of research output
  • September: Selection of 10 finalists
  • 16-20 October: WFF Flagship event