Course Greenhouse Horticulture: Crop Protection and Integrated Pest Management

In response to the urgent needs of the Chinese market, Wageningen University is launching a series of online courses for Chinese and Dutch greenhouses, combining theory and practice to help the development of modern agriculture in China. This first module will focus on greenhouse crop protection and integrated pest management.

This online course is part of the online Greenhouse Horticulture course: one of the most popular courses at Wageningen University. Over the past few years, hundreds of students from the industry and academia from dozens of countries around the world have participated.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Duration 4 hours
Price EUR 298.00
Format Online
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Why follow this online course?

The Netherlands is the second-largest net exporter of agricultural products in the world, after the USA, with a particularly strong performance in the horticultural trade. The Netherlands leads the world in fresh fruit and vegetable exports with a value of €13 billion in 2021. Greenhouse-grown tomatoes are the most exported fruit and vegetable product, which is a reflection of the productivity of the Netherlands' world-leading greenhouse horticulture industry, which relies on advanced technology and sustainable production systems with low energy consumption, low water, and pesticide inputs, and low emissions to achieve high productivity.

As urbanization accelerates, more than half of China's population lives in cities, with 18 cities with 10 million people and over 130 cities with a million people. Greenhouse horticulture is an important means of increasing urban food self-sufficiency, improving the efficiency and sustainability of agriculture, and providing safe and healthy products for a growing population with high-quality needs. In recent years, greenhouse horticulture has grown rapidly in China, with imports of greenhouse equipment from the Netherlands valued at over US$100 million in 2021, making China the largest exporter of greenhouse equipment to the Netherlands.

For whom is this course?

This online course is developed for PhD students, post-docs, junior scientists and professionals working in the field related to greenhouse horticulture or integrated pest management, especially for Chinese speaking participants. The course will be given in both Chinese and English.

Programme and topics

  • Basic principles of integrated ecological pest management
  • The main pest species in greenhouses and their biological and living characteristics
  • Integrated pest management for greenhouse crops (1)-Biological control and key natural enemy taxa
  • Integrated pest management for greenhouse crops (2)-Biological control strategies
  • Integrated pest management for greenhouse crops (3)-Agro-cultural control strategies
  • Integrated pest management for greenhouse crops (4)- Integrated ecological pest management strategies integrating various control measures
  • China Case Studies


Gerben Messelink

Prof. dr. Gerben Messelink

Gerben Messelink is a Distinguished Professor and Senior Researcher in biological pest control in greenhouse production systems and an entomologist. He received his Master of Science degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and his Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He has been working in the entomology team of the Greenhouse Horticulture Research Department at Wageningen University for more than 20 years now. His mission and passion are to optimize and further develop biological control systems for greenhouse crops, including the evaluation of new biological control agents, the development of methods to protect and promote natural enemies, food web complexity studies, and the development of integrated management systems. He has published more than 60 scientific papers and book chapters on biocontrol. His work has laid the foundation for a wide range of commercial biocontrol agent applications that are used worldwide. Professor Messelink is involved in numerous international biocontrol projects and serves as Secretary-General of the International Organisation for Biocontrol (IOBC/WPRS).

Marjolein Kruidhof

Dr. Marjolein Kruidhof

Marjolein Kruidhof received her Ph.D. diploma from Wageningen University (2008). Subsequently worked at several universities and research institutes in the Netherlands, USA, and Germany, studying the interactions between plant pests and natural enemies. Since 2014 she has been working as a scientific researcher in greenhouse horticultural entomology at Wageningen University, where she is responsible for developing new (bio)control methods for various greenhouse pests. She has extensive knowledge of integrated pest management, including strategies to help establish biological control agents, culture control methods, induced plant defenses, and the interaction between IPM and greenhouse climate. In addition, she has delivered IPM courses in Africa and Asia.

Yutong Qiu

Dr. Yutong Qiu

Yutong Qiu received her undergraduate degree in Plant Protection from Hebei Agricultural University and her Ph.D. in Insect Toxicology from South China Agricultural University. She worked on insect olfactory physiology and behavioral ecology at the Entomology Laboratory of Wageningen University in the Netherlands and received her Ph.D. diploma. She has been working in entomology and integrated pest management for more than twenty years at Wageningen University and Research Center. She has been a project leader in several national and international research and training projects in the field of sustainable agriculture, integrated pest management systems, and smart agriculture. Currently, she is working as Business Development Manager for Plant Sciences China at Wageningen University and Research Centre. She has developed and participated in several Chinese and Dutch collaborative research, consultancy, and human resource training projects.

Programme manager

Zhen Liu

About us

Wageningen University & Research, is one of the world's leading agri-food universities and research institutes. Its advanced research and the applied technology which has accumulated over many years of cooperation with the industry make it the 'knowledge engine' of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture industry. As learning institute, we are dedicated to integrating the latest Wageningen knowledge and technology into a lifelong learning program, making today's knowledge into tomorrow's business. Our Greenhouse Horticulture courses are reviewed highly and always attract a large number of participants.