The World behind a Maturity Model for Sustainable Development (SD): Testing and Co-creating a Tool for Sustainable Development in Government Organisations

This PhD project is about testing and co-creating a maturity model for Sustainable Development (SD) in government organisations. The project highlights the deeper dimensions of change and investigates how a maturity model can be used as an interactive tool for learning and innovation about SD in different cultural-political contexts.

PhD student: Geertje van Oirschot

The research strategy is a combination of Action Research and Case Study Research. The maturity model in this study has been developed by auditors / advisors (including the PhD student) and clients of the Central Audit Service of the Dutch National Government. The first case study describes how the maturity model emerged within the Dutch Ministry of Finance. This model for integrating SD within organisations is still evolving. It can be seen as a process of co-creation with other stakeholders. The model for SD is possibly also applicable in other cultural-political contexts. This will be investigated in the next cases.

Supervisors: Katrien Termeer, Martin Dees (Nyenrode Business University) and Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen