Heritage Day

Have you ever wanted to - or once again – take a look inside the professor’s residence in the ‘Schip van Blaauw’ , the former Laboratory for microbiology or the buildings at De Dreijen?
Grab your chance now! During the Wageningen ‘Open Monumentendag’ (Heritage Day) on Sunday, September 9, a lot of old and new buildings of the centenarian Wageningen University & Research will be open for a visit.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Sun 9 September 2018

Venue Wageningen

Visitors are welcome in, for example,  the former university buildings on the Wageningse Berg, the Dreijen and Duivendaal, but also a number of buildings on the Wageningen Campus are most welcome. Experienced guides will show you around an provide a refreshing insight into more than a century of building for Wageningen University & Research.

On Friday evening, September 7, an engaging evening will be organized in the Aula with speakers(Dutch) and music. The publication 'Van Clusters tot Campus' of the Wageningen Heritage Committee is presented here. The book describes the history of the university and its buildings, from the very beginning to today.

For more information, visit the website of the Open Monumentendag Wageningen, or download the Programguide (Dutch only).

The ‘ Open Monumentendag Wageningen’ is organized by the Wageningen Heritage Committee in collaboration with 100 years of WUR