Multiplier effect of climate knowledge passed on to policy makers

Published on
July 12, 2022

How to get a country to invest in environmentally friendly technologies when it’s powered by fossil fuel? Meet Yaser, Assistant professor at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Economics, IAU University of Iran. He joined the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) course Climate Action for Food Systems Transformation.

Trade-off: oil vs food

The economy fuelled in large part by oil, Iran is the 6th emitter of greenhouse gasses (#ghg) in the world. This dependence on oil has understandably caused a reluctance to acknowledging climate change. At the same time, due to a combination of climate change and lack of water management, Iran is suffering the worst decade of draught ever. Consequentially, food prices are skyrocketing, having increased 10-fold over just the last 3 years.

A breath of hope

Yaser: “With my research, I help determine which climate smart farming practices would be the best strategy for Iran to combat depletion of water resources. Though important, I sometimes feel powerless to make a real difference. Because, unless such solutions are actually implemented, my endeavours are fruitless. However, following the course has revived my motivation to actively carry out my role as a climate ambassador. I now use my platform as professor to pass on what I learned in the course to my students.

They are often high ranking officials of the various Iranian local governments and agricultural institutes. This gives me the chance to equip these working policy makers with the knowledge they need to facilitate significant investments. Like in Khorasan Province, where 23% out of 750 thousands Hectares has now been equipped with automated drip irrigation. This will save between 60 and 80% water, compared to traditional irrigation methods, depending on soil and crop type.”

Multiply your impact

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