Hydrological services and forests

Forests are among the most important ecosystems for the provision of hydrological services. These include water supply in terms of quantity, quality and timing (for household, agriculture, industry, hydropower generation, transportation, recreational and spiritual benefits); and water damage mitigation (reduction in the number and severity of floods, decrease in soil erosion and mitigation of landslides). Because forests have different roles according to the environmental characteristics of each region, it is necessary to accurately model how forests will contribute to hydrological services provision in order to improve land management options for forest planning.

Aim of the project

Aim is to accurately model hydrological services provision under forestation scenarios (conservation, production and degradation).


Hydrological modelling (SWAT), Spatial analysis, statistical analysis.

Expected outcome

A spatial distribution of forest expansion under different scenarios in order to improve hydrological services provision and land management options in forest planning.