In the UK, onions are eaten relatively often

Published on
May 29, 2018

In Belgium, people eat relatively large quantities of tomatoes and lettuce; people in the United Kingdom eat a lot of onions; cucumbers are often eaten as part of a salad; and broccoli is usually eaten as part of the evening meal.

These and other insights into consumers' food choices have come from FoodProfiler: an app developed by Wageningen Economic Research, which uses near-time registration to provide insight into the consumption of large groups of people, including within an international context. This app enables researchers to find out what is being eaten in combination with what, by whom and when.

FoodProfiler will be further developed within the Dutch project Market Intelligence Voedingstuinbouw 2.0 (2017-2020). The app provides insight into different dietary patterns: differences in patterns between countries, seasons or due to a changed diet as a result of interventions. Data such as sex, location, age and underlying motives are also collected. These data can be used to gain greater insight into dietary patterns. In addition to the Netherlands, data is also collected in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Based on descriptive analyses, for example, we see that in the Netherlands men eat dessert more often than women, and Dutch women eat more fruit per day than men. Young people and the elderly also seem to small quantities of vegetables compared with the other age groups. Between the ages of 24 and 79, we are seeing a trend of increasing vegetable consumption; the older the person, the more vegetables they eat. In comparison, British people eat more onions and eat more vegetables during the day than in the other countries.

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