Invited presentation by Emeritus Professor Kees de Graaf at the Marabou Symposium

June 14, 2022

Over this past weekend saw the invited presentation of Emeritus Professor Kees de Graaf at the prestigious Marabou Symposium. The symposium is held every 2 years, and assembles experts from a wide range of fields to discuss topics in nutrition. The conferences are sponsored by “Marabou’s foundation for the promotion of nutritional research”, an independent foundation originally set up by a donation from the Marabou company.

The scientific programme of the symposia is organised by
an independent group of European and North American advisors with
the aim to bring up novel questions within the broad field of nutrition and to
stimulate interaction and new research in novel constellations. This year, the
invite only event was held between the 10-12th of June in Stockholm on the
topic "Neuro-biology of eating behaviour". Prof. de Graaf presented a
talk entitled "Sensory influences on food intake", highlighting
findings from the Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour Chair group.

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