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Jan-Willem Heesakkers’ experience

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The module had a lot of depth and consisted of diverse, useful and stimulating learning material.
Jan-Willem Heesakkers (Project Manager Processing at NIZO) about the online course Microbiology.

What knowledge where you looking for?

I wanted to refresh my knowledge of microbiology so I could better assess the microbial risks involved in trial installations of production processes in the context of safety management. I don’t need to be an expert in this area, but I felt the need to expand my knowledge so that I could do better work. Fortunately, my employer NIZO was also willing to invest in my plan.

Why did you choose this online course?

When looking for an online programme, I came across the website of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Because I had studied at WUR, the information immediately felt familiar; in addition, the course in Advanced Food Microbiology offered what I was looking for. The price-quality ratio was also an attractive factor.

What was your experience with the course?

For four weeks I spent one workday and one free day on the module. I had to consciously schedule this time, but it provided me with a lot of new knowledge in a short period. The module had a lot of depth and consisted of a lot of learning material, enough for about 75 study hours. Demanding, especially combined with my work, but also diverse, useful and stimulating. The module is a mix of knowledge clips, recorded lectures and slides with blocks of information. Thanks to the interim test and the practice exam, I had mastered the material well enough to pass the final exam. In retrospect, I can say that it was a good experience.

Do you have any tips for others?

The interim contact with professors was digital and satisfactory. I would have enjoyed face-to-face contact or a phone call, but perhaps more people have to get used to this. I can definitely recommend this module to others! But it’s a good idea to first check to see if your basis knowledge is sufficient for taking the course you want.

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