Jose Lozano Torres receives Vidi grant for his research on plant parasitism

Published on
November 5, 2020

Seven experienced Wageningen researchers, one of them being Jose Lozano Torres, have been awarded a prestigious Vidi grant worth 800.000 euros. The grant enables him to develop his own innovative line of research and to set up his own research group in the coming five years.

The subject of dr. ir. Lozano Torres’ research is the mapping of the onset of plant parasitism. Plant parasitic worms are one of the most damaging pests in agriculture. Understanding the start of parasitism is fundamental for its management. Biologists will use novel technologies to measure at cellular level the first molecular changes needed to cause a parasitic disease. This knowledge will largely contribute for crop breeding.

We are very proud of Jose! Curious who the other six researchers are and what topics they are studying? You can find the complete article here.