Library Dialogue | How can we open up our education at WUR?

February 15, 2024

On 5 March, WUR Library is organising a round-table discussion on Open Education. What’s WUR’s vision for Open Education? What are the practical issues that teachers run into when adopting open teaching and learning methods? And what infrastructure and solutions are available to open up our education at WUR? Your opinion is important! WUR teachers, staff and students are cordially invited to join the dialogue and share their experiences.

What is Open Education?

Open Education aims to enhance the access, inclusiveness and flexibility of education, often by using digital technologies and open licenses

The cornerstone of Open Education lies in Open Educational Resources (OER). These educational materials are openly licensed to allow everyone to freely use, adapt and share the resource. OER can include textbooks, lecture notes, videos, quizzes, and other learning materials. OER are both free of charge and free of legal barriers. Considering this, they reduce costs for students and enable teachers to adapt the materials to meet their specific students' needs.

The Library Dialogue is taking place within the framework of the Open Education Week 4- 8 March 2024.


The Library Dialogue provides space for different perspectives and opinions on how we can open up our education at WUR. We’ll start with presentations by Nicolien Schmaal, manager of WUR’s Open Science and Education programme, and Sabien van Harten, Education Policy Officer Education.

Afterwards, we’ll break into small groups to discuss different aspects of Open Education, including:

  • Copyright considerations for (open) educational materials
  • Drivers and obstacles to the adoption of Open Educational Resources
  • Support and tooling for using Open Educational Resources
  • How to create Open Educational Resources

Practical information

When: 5 March from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Where: Orion B3020

For: This Library Dialogue is for WUR teachers, staff and students. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of experience with Open Education. Whether you’re new to Open Education or are already using Open Educational Resources in your courses, your attendance and contributions are valuable.

Registration is not mandatory but appreciated. Please register by emailing

You can only attend this Dialogue in person. Online participation is not possible.

Coffee and tea will be provided. You’re welcome to bring your lunch.

Library dialogues

In recent years, new modes of academic communication, publishing and education have emerged, partly driven by new information technologies for example in the field of artificial intelligence. Examples include novel discovery and search services, open publishing models, and innovative approaches to education and research assessment.

To foster dialogue and collaboration around these changes, WUR Library is organising the "Library Dialogues" series. With campus-wide round table discussions, we invite researchers and teachers to exchange experiences, to share perspectives, and to explore the implications of these developments. Do you know a good topic that would qualify for a Library dialogue? Please, email us at and we'll get in touch.