Training course

Lost in Transition

Learn how to cope with loneliness, homesickness and educational shock, when studying in Wageningen.

Arriving at a new place can be challenging. Especially in the beginning, it is difficult to meet people and create meaningful connections. You may also miss your home, family and friends more than you expected.
Wageningen offers a new environment; for some students even a whole new culture. Even if you feel hopeful and excited, it is not surprising that it makes you uncertain. Both socially and academically.

This training is especially developed for international WUR students.

Organised by Student Training & Support

Thu 17 November 2022 12:30

Duration POSTPONED: 4 Thursdays | 12:30-14:00h on 17, 24 Nov, 1,8 Dec 2022
Venue Forum B0529
Price Free

Learn to cope with challenges of a new culture

In this workshop you will learn how to cope with challenges that you might notice when you come to study in a very different country, culture and education system from the one you are used to.

We will experience how Mindfulness - practice and techniques - help us to be anchored in the present moment, reflecting about our values in life, learning a different way to relate with feelings of loneliness and homesickness, and safely expressing and sharing our difficulties.

For whom is this training?

Regardless of where you are from, this is a workshop for you if you want to find tools that can help you look at your experience with alternative lenses, be more present -also during difficult times- and re-connect with what is important for you in life while you are studying in Wageningen.

About the training

This training course has 4 sessions. In each, we will explore a different topic with excersises.

  • Session 1: Loneliness
  • Session 2: Homesickness
  • Session 3: Educational shock
  • Session 4: A mindful way of living everyday life

Between sessions, we ask you to write a short reflection on the topics we will be exploring. In order to promote and preserve a safe space for all, commitment to all the sessions is necessary.

Practical info

Language English
Group size max 12 students
Course duration 4 sessions of 1,5 hours
Cost Free of charge; offered by Student Training & Support