Making Agriculture Work for Food and Nutrition Security

The worldwide increase in food availability, through well-designed agricultural policies and programmes, has not automatically lead to better- nourished populations. The COVID-19 pandemic is further negatively impacting the food and nutrition security situation in many countries. This course debates the nutrition-sensitivity of current agricultural policies and programmes and explores which agricultural pathways lead to food and nutrition security for all.

Organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Mon 15 May 2023 until Fri 30 June 2023

What will you learn?

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Be well acquainted with the concepts of food systems, food and nutrition security, (nutrition-sensitive) agriculture, nutritious foods, poverty, sustainability and their interconnection;
  • Be able to design and implement nutrition-sensitive agricultural development programmes and policies to enhance the impact on nutrition;
  • Understand and apply the principles - ‘empowerment of women’, ‘focusing on youth’ and ‘nutrition promotion and education’ in the design and implementation of nutrition-sensitive agricultural development programmes and policies;
  • Be able to evaluate the results of nutrition-sensitive agriculture programmes for policy and decision making;
  • Be able to work within a team of people with different backgrounds in an online learning environment and implement reflective learning at personal and group level;

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For whom is this course?

Applicants should have a BSc or equivalent in the field of agriculture, food and nutrition security, health, or a related field, and have at least three years of professional experience in governmental or local non-governmental organisation as a policy or planning officer, or a managing or co-ordinating position in one of the fields related to the course. Proficiency in English is required.

Course programme in more detail

Duration 7 weeks
Study load 120 hours
Programme Facilitated sessions max. 6 hours per week. 40 hrs in total
Break 1 week break, June 5-9

This course will address the role of agriculture in the provision of nutritious food to consumers, and how to achieve the desired individual, national and global nutrition impact, even considering the present COVID-19 pandemic. In the course, the latest (scientific) evidence, agricultural pathways of farm households, the dietary gaps and policies to stimulate the agricultural production of nutritious foods are discussed. After this assessment, the participants will work in groups to apply the knowledge and the participants'' experience through different tools to practice and discuss how to make agricultural projects nutrition-sensitive. Special attention will be given to gender and youth issues. In the last week discussions and practice are focused on how to demonstrate the results of a nutrition-sensitive agricultural project.

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