Impact story

Mapping hazardous particulates and endotoxins

Livestock facilities emit particulates which carry endotoxins, through outbound ventilation air. When inhaled, these particles and the endotoxins in it may affect human health.

Particulate matter emissons around barns

Wageningen Livestock Research in collaboration with the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences of Utrecht University, has measured the particulate matter emissions of a large number of housing types for poultry, pigs and cows.

Nobody wants to inhale air polluted with particles and endotoxins, our dispersion model maps the vulnerable zones
Albert Winkel, researcher Livestock & Environment

Mapping the potential health risks

A special method to measure particles in the exhaust of livestock facilities has been developed. Subsequently with support of Erbrink Stacks Consult a dispersion model has been developed to determine particulate concentration levels around a barn. The dispersion model maps the potential health risks posed by a livestock facility to its surrounding.

Tool for policy makers

The outcomes offer policy makers a way to improve local and regional specific policies to minimize the impact of livestock on the people living in or passing through these areas.