Markers for seed stress tolerance and seed vigour

During the initial stages of seed germination many processes occur, which are invisible, but greatly affect the physiology of the seed. For instance, the onset of germination processes during seed priming, results in accelerated germination in the field, but also in reduced storability of the seeds.

To optimise seed priming treatments and to get a better understanding of processes underlying seed vigour novel tools are being developed. In previous years much research has been performed on analysis of cell cycle activity during seed germination. At present the attention is more focussed on gene expression profiling using cDNA micro-arrays. Gene expression is studied during seed maturation (increase in stress tolerance), priming (loss of stress tolerance) and subsequent slow drying (regaining of stress tolerance).

Using proteomic approaches we focus on the analysis of nuclear proteins involved in DNA packaging and protection. Using a high-throughput flow sorter we are able to purify nuclei from different developmental stages or having different characteristics, which can subsequently be analysed using 2D electrophoresis and protein sequencing

Research team

Jan H.W. Bergervoet, Yvonne E. Birnbaum, Martijn Fiers, Evert Davelaar and Steven P.C. Groot


In the project there is collaboration with several European universities and research institutions, among others in the frame of a running EU-supported project: STOVE

  • Stress tolerance of seeds to physical seed treatments
  • Genetics of seed stress tolerance
  • Cell cycle activity during seed germination
  • Mitochondrial integrity as marker for seed vigour

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GreenFlow™ the flow cytometry facility

The project closely collaborates with the GreenFlow ™, the flow cytometry and flow sorting facility of Wageningen University and Research centre.