Masterclass on Seed Technology, 15-19 October 2023

Wageningen Seed Science Centre organizes yearly a masterclass on Seed Technology in Wageningen. The aim of the masterclass is to offer professional seed technologists the possibility for a further deepening, broadening and actualisation of their knowledge and expertise.

Organised by Wageningen Seed Science Centre
Duration 15 - 19 October 2023
Venue Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Wageningsche Berg and Wageningen University & Research Campus

Objectives of the Master Class on Seed Technology

The aim of the master class is to offer professional seed technologists and biologists the possibility for a further deepening, broadening and actualisation of their knowledge and expertise. Through an intensive in-depth seminar programme and informal discussions, along with several demonstrations of recent technological developments, participants will be challenged with the latest developments in seed research. The course will enhance participants to make strategic choices in seed technology research and development.

Wageningen Seed Science Centre

FFarmers all over the world share one concern: how to get the best seed and planting material for next season’s crops. Propagation material of high quality is a
prerequisite for a crop that is superior in quantity and quality. Through fundamental and applied research Wageningen Science Seed Centre (WSSC) develops expertise in all fields related to seed research, technology and seed-related issues. WSSC is an alliance of seed experts from Wageningen University & Research.

WSSC's academic and training staff have expertise in virtually every field of plant propagation, ranging from the basics of plant improvement to issues concerning seed quality. WSSC contributes to capacity building in the seed sector of many countries worldwide through education, research and execution of projects. WSSC has a wide variety of collaborating parties: universities, national and international research institutes, nongovernmental organisations and the private and public seed industry. WSSC services include international courses, MSc courses, PhD programs, tailor-made courses, and research and project management.

Seminar programme

Invited speakers and WSSC staff will give seminars each day in the mornings and two evenings. Themes of the seminar programme will be selected from topics
including flowering, embryogenesis, seed expressed genes, dormancy and seed quality, seed stress tolerance, longevity and germination equations, germination
markers, seed enhancement, maturation sorting, gene expression, RNA-seq, seed health, seed vigour, priming, seed microbiome, seed quality control and gene
database mining.

Demonstrations and practical

Participants will also be involved in demonstrations and hands-on experiments. Techniques and methodologies include, seed drying, seed storage, ethanol analysis for vigour, chlorophyll sorting by laser induced fluorescence, spectral analysis of seeds and seedlings, etc..

Target group of the master class

The master class is designed for professional seed technologists at MSc or PhD level, or those who have acquired an equivalent expertise through experience. Participants may be affiliated with industry, research institutes, seed quality laboratories, universities or other governmental institutions. The master class will be restricted to a maximum of 16 participants and a minimum of 8. The selection of participants will be made on the basis of their professional background and on the importance of the class programme for their own work. Applicants should have a good working knowledge of English.


The master class will comprise 4 full days including evening sessions. The program starts on Sunday evening 15 October 2023 with an informal get together of the participants to end on Thursday afternoon 19 October. This intensive programme allows the participants to get the maximum amount of information. The previous seventeen master classes were very positive evaluated by the participants. Supervisors of the participants complimented WSSC on the broadened view of their staff after attending the course.

Registration fee

The fee, including tuition fee and course materials, but excluding board and lodging and travel to and from Wageningen, is € 3450 (excl. VAT). Members of the Seeds for the Future Initiative get € 500 discount.


The participants will be accommodated in Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Wageningsche Berg (, beautifully situated on the Wageningen Berg and offers a view over the river, the floodplains and the Betuwe of Wageningen. The hotel has pre-reserved hotel rooms for our participants, and must be booked by the participants at least 6-weeks in advanced. Room rates are around € 95 per night, not included in the course fee. Lectures will be given at the same venue whereas demonstrations will be held in laboratories of Wageningen University & Research. When still in place, SARS-CoV-2-restrictions will be followed.


Those interested are requested to submit the registration through an e-mail send towards, providing information on your professional position and address.

At least 50% advance payment must be made before 1 September 2023. Refunds, less a € 100 processing fee, will be granted if the request is received 28 calendar days before the course begins. Requests of refunds must be received in a written form by email.

Early registration is advised since the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16.