Master's course series Plant Breeding - Experimental Design, Data & Statistics: experimental design and quantitative analysis of breeding trials

This online course series consists of two courses covering statistical principles and experimental designs for breeding trials, including concepts such as randomisation, replication, blocking, and the use of controls. You will learn about different experimental designs, including completely randomised design, randomised complete block design, and split-plot designs. You will also learn about linear regression, analysis of variance, and generalised linear models, and be able to apply these concepts when designing an experiment.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Mon 8 April 2024 until Fri 3 May 2024

Mon 10 February 2025 until Fri 7 March 2025

Duration 8 weeks in total, 20 hours per week (6 ECTS)
Price EUR 2,460.00

Registration deadline: 11 February 2024

Exam date: 2 May 2024 & 6 March 2025

Why follow this course series?

Are you a working professional in the field of Plant Breeding? Then you will benefit greatly from this course series that covers statistical principles underlying experimental designs for breeding trials. This knowledge is essential for conducting accurate experiments and making informed decisions when analysing data. We cover the connections between design principles and statistical models and assumptions, allowing professionals to understand how these concepts are related and how they impact their experiments. Additionally, the course series shows different experimental designs, such as CRD, RCB, and split-plot designs, which will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each design and choose the appropriate design for their experiments. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the evaluation of genotype-by-environment interactions and heritability estimation, which is important for professionals in the field of plant breeding to understand the interactions between the genotype and environment and to estimate the heritability of traits, which will help in the selection of suitable genotypes. 

Is this course series for you?

This course series is suitable for professionals in the field of plant breeding, agricultural research, and horticulture. The course series would be beneficial for researchers, scientists, and technicians who are involved in the design and analysis of experiments in these fields. Additionally, professionals in related fields such as crop science, genetics, and biostatistics could also benefit from the course. The course is specifically tailored to cover statistical principles underlying experimental designs for breeding trials, which is the core focus. 

This comprehensive course series will provide you with the tools you need to succeed and advance in your career, especially in combination with other advanced Online Master's Courses Plant Breeding

What you'll learn & practical information

The Online Master's course series Plant Breeding - Experimental Design, Data & Statistics consists of two courses. The courses can be taken separately as well. 

STAP budget

When enrolling in this course series, you may apply for the use of the STAP budget. Check if you are eligible for the STAP-budget.

Software used in this course

R including R Studio.

Self-Paced Online Course Getting Started with R
Knowledge of and some experience with R and R Studio is required in order to design experiments and perform statistical analyses. You are expected to be able to modify existing R scripts and to write short scripts to perform analyses. If the latter is not the case, you can follow the Self-Paced Online Course Getting Started with R. For more information and registration, please check this document.


Participation in the remotely proctored exam is optional. If you decide not to participate in the exam, you do not qualify for a certificate and/or Micro-credentials.

The date of examination for the Master Course Advanced Statistics is 02-05-2024 (2 May 2024) and for the Master Course Experimental Design & Data Analysis of Breeding Trials is 06-03-2025 (6 March 2025) from 08:30 - 22:00 (Amsterdam Time Zone). The duration of an exam is 3 hours. The resit will be scheduled in the week of 8 July 2024 (Advanced Statistics) and in the week of 5 May 2025 (Experimental Design & Data Analysis of Breeding Trials).

Micro-Credentials and Edubadge

Upon successful completion, a digital Micro-credentials certificate (EduBadge) with 6 study credits (ECTS) is issued. The EduBadge certifies the learning outcomes of short-term learning experiences, marking the quality of a course. More information can be found here.

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