Mitch van de Hoven (EMBA F&A cohort 2020)

Published on
January 1, 2020

The Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness is followed by ambitious and talented professionals. What motivates them? How do they manage work, private life and study? And why did they choose for this specific MBA? Learn all about it by reading their testimonials.

Name: Mitch van de Hoven
Job title: Quality Manager at Superunie
Previous degree: Wageningen University & Research/ MSc in Food technology and Quality Management

Why did you choose the Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness?

Pursuing an MBA has been in my mind for a while. At this stage of my life I am in the position that I have the time and motivation to start this journey. I did my bachelor and master studies in food studies at Wageningen University. As I am  working in the food industry I was looking for a program that combines management studies with my background in food technology. Therefore the Executive MBA in F&A of Tias Business School and WUR really appealed to me for my further development. Next to this also the values of Wageningen University of improving quality of life, is a goal I can relate to.

What is your future goal?

I would like to broaden my view on strategic management and decision making and link this to my field of work in the more technological area of the food industry. By having a bigger perspective and more insight in management related issues can help me in becoming a better and more all-round manager.

How did people around you react when you shared/decided to embark on an MBA?

People were enthusiastic and supporting. They were impressed that I took this step in my career development and also offered me to help in different ways. As well as in work, with study and in my personal life.

What is your impression about your MBA peers?

Everybody is enthusiastic and is eager to learn. The energy is great and  because of the different backgrounds you also learn a lot from each other.

How will you manage to balance studying with work and personal life?

For now I am still finding out what the best way is to manage work, study and personal life. Planning is important and also to share this plan with others. It creates understanding from everybody around you. Furthermore I see this as a type of hobby, so studying and working on assignments in the evening and on the weekends is not difficult for me. It gives me energy.

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