Nouragues. Dynamics and plant-animal interactions in a neotropical rainforest

Bongers, F.; Charles-Dominique, P.; Forget, P-M.; Théry, M. (eds.) (2001).
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, the Netherlands, 421pp.
ISBN 1-4020-0123-1
Price: 125 Euro

Nouragues is a tropical forest research station in French Guiana. It was established in 1986 for research on natural mechanisms of forest regeneration. Since then a lot of research has been done on this and related topics. This book provides an overview of the main research results, and focuses on plant communities, vertebrate communities and evolutionary ecology, frugivory and seed dispersal, and forest dynamics and recruitment. The appendices give (annotated) checklists of plants, birds, mammals, herpetofauna and fishes found in the area.

More information:
  • Contents of the book
  • Review by W.P.Carson & S.Scnitzer  (Ecology Vol. 84, No. 5: 1340–1341).
  • Interview with Frans Bongers on his work in Nouragues (Wisp'r 2002 - Issue 06)