Occupation of Forum building has ended

May 22, 2023

Concerned students including End Fossil WUR protested on the Wageningen campus on Monday. They occupied a wing in education building Forum and had prepared a manifesto making demands on cooperation with the fossil industry, democratisation and decolonisation within WUR.

Tuesday 23-05 01:00 - The occupation in the Forum building by End Fossil WUR has ended. Talks were held with the protesters several times during the day and also in the evening. An invitation to further discuss their demands after monday was declined. Several warnings were issued during the evening that the building should be empty by 11pm. A handful of activists voluntarily left the building at 11pm, and at WUR's request, the last 15 activists were led out by police after midnight.

Monday 22-05 17:00 - Arthur Mol, rector magnificus of Wageningen University & Research, and Arnold Bregt, dean of education, had a substantive conversation about the protesters' concerns and demands. Mol and Bregt addressed WUR's role relating to these issues.

A total of about 20 demonstrators were present. The demonstration proceeds calmly and in a good atmosphere.

Monday 22-05 08.00 - Start of the demonstration in education building Forum.