Future trends in palm oil production and ecosystem services supply - an integrated assessment (OIL PALM PhD project 8)

In this subproject future trends in palm oil production in Thailand and Indonesia, as influenced by global socio-economic development will be assessed. The impact of these trends on the environment and equity in Thailand and Indonesia at the level of farming and ecosystems will also be assessed. This project will identify policy options to increase environmental sustainability and equity in palm oil production in Thailand and Indonesia.

In this subproject future scenarios for the palm oil sector at the middle and longer range will be explored. The analysis will include an interpretation of existing global scenarios and national trends for (farming and eco-) systems, commodity chains and governance mechanisms in Indonesia and Thailand.

Different scenarios will be analyzed with respect to their impact on environmental sustainability and equity at the level of farming and ecosystems. This research will be conducted in a participatory way through collaboration with selected stakeholders in order to ensure that the developed scenarios will be supported by the palm oil sector.

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