Opening Month of Education

The success of 100 years of education at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) rests on the shoulders of lecturers, course coordinators, and the students. We are placing the focus on the importance of education, its development, results, and appreciation by organising events in the field of education for an entire month. On 24 April, we will kick off this Month of Education with a festive programme.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Tue 24 April 2018

Venue Wisdom & Wonder Pavilion
Wisdom and Wonder Pavilion, Wageningen Campus

During the 100-year anniversary celebration of WUR, the Month of Education will be kicked off by Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol with a festive programme. We will begin with an overview of milestones in the development of our education over the past 100 years. This will be followed by ceremonies for three important education awards: the UFW-KLV Thesis Award, the Teacher of the Year Award (both organized by UFW), and the Excellent Education prize (WUR). A special MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “The Science of Beer”, which was developed by WUR students, will be launched during the opening ceremony.


Don't miss the special opening of the Month of Education! Please join us and celebrate 100 years of education at Wageningen University & Research, together with your (fellow) lecturers and students. Make sure to sign up using the registration form on this website in order to guarantee your spot.

The main programme will start at 4.00 pm and, afterwards, there will be an opportunity to congratulate the winners personally and become more familiar with the student-designed MOOC “The Science of Beer” and the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute as well as to get a closer look at the video documentaries of 100 jaar Wagenings onderwijs in vogelvlucht; door de ogen van... (A broad overview of 100 years of Wageningen education by alumni...)

Programme Opening Month of Education
14.30 - 16.00 Ceremony UFW-KLV Thesis Award, in room 'Life' in the W&W Pavilion
16.00 - 16.30 Welcome guests
16.30 - 17.30 Main programme Opening Month of Education (part 1)
- Introduction 100 years WUR education presentation of ‘A broad overview of 100 years of Wageningen education by alumni...’
- Excellent Education Prize 2018
- Teacher of the Year Award 2018
17.30 - 17.40 Break
17.40 - 18.30 Main programme Opening Month of Education (part 2)
- Borlaug Youth Institute
- Overall Winner UFW-KLV Thesis Award
- Excellent Education Prize 2018 (continued)
- Teacher of the Year Award 2018 (continued)
- Launch The Science of Beer MOOC
18.30 - 19.00 Music and congratulations

Excellent Education Prize 2018

Quality education is high on the list of priorities for the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research. For this reason, they are awarding a prize for excellent education to the 30 best courses. This year, 31 courses will be put in the spotlight, because two of the courses received the same score.

A quality indicator was calculated based on the results of questions from the course evaluation, which included satisfaction with the course. This year, a prize will also be awarded to a large course, which had more than 100 respondents.

Based on these results, the 31 most appreciated courses:

Course – Course Coordinator – Chair Group - Department

AEW-20706 - Dr MFLLW (Miguel) Lurling AEW ESG

AFI-31806 - Dr MCJ (Marc) Verdegem AFI ASG

BIS-21306 - Dr LW (Lars) Chatrou BIS PSG

BIS-90306 - Prof. TR (Tinde) van Andel BIS PSG

ECS-31806 - Prof. AEJ (Arjen) Wals ECS SSG

ECS-51403 - Ms M (Marjan) Wink ECS SSG

FEM-22306 - Dr UGW (Ute) Sass-Klaassen FEM ESG

FPH-21306 - Dr G (Guido) Sala FPH AFSG

FSE-31306 - C (Kees) van Veluw FSE PSG

GEN-20306 - Dr BA (Bart) Pannebakker GEN PSG

GEO-10806 - A (Arjaan) Pellis MSc GEO ESG

GRS-10306 - Mr WT (Willy) ten Haaf & Mr AR (Aldo) Bergsma GRS ESG

GRS-33806 - Dr JP (Jan) Verbesselt GRS ESG

HNE-22402 - Dr M (Monica) Mars & AE (Els) Siebelink HNE AFSG

HNE-36406 - Dr ID (Inge) Brouwer HNE AFSG

HWM-32806 - Dr AJ (Ryan) Teuling HWM ESG

LAW-31806 - Dr KP (Kai) Purnhagen LLM LAW SSG

LUP-60309 - Dr IM (Marleen) Buizer LUP ESG

NEM-20306 - Dr A (Aska) Goverse NEM PSG

PBR-22803 - Dr RE (Rients) Niks PBR PSG

PEN-30306 - Dr J (Juul) Limpens PEN ESG

REG-31806 - Dr WF (Fred) de Boer REG ESG

SGL-22306 - Dr A (Bart) Makaske SGL ESG

SGL-22803 - Mr GJWC (Gert) Peek SGL ESG

SGL-23806 - Dr (Tony) Reimann SGL ESG

SGL-31806 - Dr JM (Jeroen) Schoorl SGL ESG

SGL-33306 - Dr JM (Jeroen) Schoorl SGL ESG

SLM-31806 - Dr JEM (Jantiene) Baartman SLM ESG

WRM-31306 - Dr JMC (Jeroen) Vos WRM ESG

WRM-60309 - Dr H (Harm) Boesveld WRM ESG

XTO-21306 - Dr D (Domenico) Dentoni MST SSG

Thesis Award

The thesis award is part of the pre-programme for the opening of the Month of Education. Each academic year, University Fund Wageningen, along with the Alumni network KLV Wageningen, awards four prizes for excellent, WUR-student master’s theses. One prize is awarded per educational domain. The overall winner will be announced during the main programme of the Month of Education kick-off on 24 April 2018.

Teacher of the Year Award

Since 1981, high-quality education at the university has been encouraged by rewarding the most involved lecturers. This year, the Teacher of the Year Award will be presented at the kick-off of the Month of Education on 24 April 2018. Students were able to vote for their favourite lecturers. The votes yielded a longlist of 16 lecturers. Via interviews with the longlist candidates, the student jury arrived at a shortlist of 5 lecturers. One of them will be chosen as the 2018 Teacher of the Year. Watch the videos in which Tom Ogweno surprises the nominated lecturers by announcing their nominations in an original way.