Pesticide Risk Reduction Programme in Ethiopia (PRRP)

Ethiopia is in the process of intensifying and diversifying its agriculture to meet national demands for food, but also to increase agricultural exports. Both intensification and diversification may lead to increased use of agrochemicals such as pesticides.

However, pesticides, when used inappropriately, can affect agricultural productivity, thus reducing the sustainability of agricultural intensification and diversification, and can result in adverse effects on human health, the environment and water quality. Therefore, sustainable growth of the agriculture sector, and protection of human health and the environment in Ethiopia require effective regulation and management of pesticides.

Aim of project Pesticide Risk Reduction Ethiopia

In 2010 the Government of Ethiopia, with aid from The Netherlands, has initiated a Pesticides Risk Reduction Project (PRRP). The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to a sustainable pesticide management system in Ethiopia in order to regulate pesticide use by farmers, taking into account the whole pesticide life cycle from registration and procurement, import/local manufacture of pesticides, to distribution, use and monitoring, including quality control and waste management, and to improve the environment, health of growers and the surrounding community, and to stimulate the economic performance of the Ethiopian agricultural sector. It is acknowledged by all stakeholders, including representatives of relevant ministries and the African Union, that the present programme on pesticide risk reduction is important and may serve as a pilot project for other African countries or regions.

Use of the results

The following benefits are expected as outcome of the programme in terms of:

  • Economy - contributing to enhancement of  food security and better livelihood among smallholder farmers and exporting high quality agricultural products.
  • Public health - preventing hazards associated with pesticides
  • Clean environment - water and soil  with no/minimum pesticide contamination