Sustainable procurement at WUR

Wageningen University & Research pursues a sustainable procurement policy. In our policies and practices, we push supply chains to be transparent, sustainable, circular and free from modern slavery.

We conform to the sustainability criteria of the Government of the Netherlands as published on Sustainable Public Procurement Webtool. We include important sustainability aspects in every tender. This applies to all services and products that WUR purchases. Additional criteria are considered and used where possible such as international social conditions and deployment of employees who are distanced from the labor market.

Our vision as the starting point

WUR's vision on circularity is an important starting point for tenders and new contracts with suppliers. An example: in every tender, WUR aims for the greatest possible deployment of people who are distanced from the labor market. WUR also asks suppliers of shared mobility concepts (such as shared electric cars and e-bikes) to entice employees to use the car less and make more use of shared and public transport.