QNano - A pan-European infrastructure for quality in nanomaterials safety testing

QualityNano is a Research Infrastructure for nanosafety assessment. QualityNano’s core aim is the creation of a ‘neutral’ scientific & technical space in which all stakeholder groups can engage, develop, and share scientific best practice in the field.


Initially it will harness resources from across Europe and develop efficient, transparent and effective processes. Thereby it will enable provision of services to its users, and the broader community, all in the context of a best-practice ethos. This will encourage evidence-based dialogue to prosper between all stakeholders.

However, QualityNano will also pro-actively seek to drive, develop and promote the highest quality research and practices via its Joint Research Activities (JRA), Networking Activities (NA) and provision of Transnational Access (TA) functions, with a global perspective and mode of implementation.


  • Create a neutral ethos of excellence where all nanotechnology stakeholders can focus on concrete science-based outcomes.
  • Establish a core infrastructure to address the critical issues currently hampering the industrial deployment of nanotechnologies across a range on industry sectors.
  • Provide Users with a full range of services from standard nanomaterials, tuition in best practice, laboratory support and training, and a suite of protocols for all aspects of nanomaterials processing and characterisation in a biological context.
  • Push beyond the state of the art in nanomaterials processing, labelling and identification and characterisation in situ.
  • Develop novel analytical approaches and tools where most urgently needed to enhance understanding of health and safety issues in nanotechnology.
  • Create a hub to drive the development and implementation of standards across all aspects of nanosafety evaluation and to link with other EU actions (RTD, ERANET, Nanosafety Cluster, OECD, ISO ) and international stakeholders.
  • Look to the future - framed with new scientific communities, and new industry sectors, forging new (safe and responsible) applications of nanoscience and implementations of nanotechnology.

More information

For more information please visit the QNano website.