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Reduction of Odour Source and Emissions from Swine (ROSES)

I am from Bangladesh. I completed my BSc in Agricultural Engineering and MS from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. However, I did four months certificate courses in Agricultural Systems and Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

I have disseminated newly acquired knowledge to my students in Bangladesh.

Study programme

Wageningen University has worldwide reputation for the good number of researches and education, especially in the field of agriculture. I have a keen interest to learn about new innovative technologies in agriculture in the developed countries. I found the MSc programme Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering in Wageningen University which was more suited and related to me, according to my previous study. Therefore, I chose to come to Wageningen. My dream came true through the scholarship provided by Nuffic.

The programme provided me the ability to learn management and design techniques in the area of post-harvest technology, greenhouse technology, livestock technology etcetera. I could choose from a wide range of courses which were suitable for my individual programme. The interaction and sharing of knowledge with students from different disciplines was something I really enjoyed. Also support from teachers and staff during my study was excellent indeed.

The interaction and fruitful discussions with my supervisor ir. Bert van ’t Ooster during my thesis work were very valuable. Also there was good co-operation with the experts from companies. They all made it possible to give interesting results for the design and evaluation of sustainable potato storages for the primary producers in Bangladesh. 

My stay in Wageningen was very amusing with good living facilities, study environments and multicultural environments. By doing sports in international standard sports centre, joining club like ISOW (International Student Organization Wageningen) for language and in some other activities, I had a great time in the Netherlands and I’ve never felt bored.


After finishing my MSc, I worked as an assistant professor in the department of Farm Power and Machinery, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. I have disseminated newly acquired knowledge to my students and shared new ideas with colleagues. Furthermore, I have introduced a Greenhouse Technology course in master’s level. Now, I'm a PhD Fellow at Aahus University, Denmark, working within the project Reduction of Odour Source in and Emission from Swine building (ROSES). My studies have enabled me to develop contacts and plans for future collaborative research to benefit farmers in developing countries.

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