Regulations of WUR Library

Article 1


Wageningen University & Research (WUR) - Library is open to WUR staff and students and to all members of the public who want to study and who want to access printed or digital resources. Without prior approval of the Library staff, Library visitors may not perform or organise other activities. For practical information on library services and the opening hours, please consult the Library website.

If you use the Library services, facilities and materials, you automatically accept the Library regulations and the house rules in Article 5. The Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of WUR also applies to personal data processed by the Library.

Article 2

Borrowing printed collection

Everybody can borrow or consult books from the printed collection. Children under the age of 18 who want to borrow library material must have a parent or guardian borrow the material for them.

The loan period is four weeks. Loans are free of charge for all Library users. Students and staff of WUR can borrow material with their WUR card. Third parties who want to borrow material need to register at the lending desk with a valid ID. More details about access, registration and borrowing can be found on the Library’s website.

Some publications may not be borrowed, such as journals and newspapers, reference works and rare and valuable books from Special Collections. You can consult these books in the Library or in the Special Collections Department.

Renewal and fines

Items may be renewed 13 times, if the items have not been requested by another user. You are responsible to return your borrowed items on time. If your items are not returned by the due date, WUR Library will charge overdue fines. The amount of the overdue fine is indicated on the website. You may not borrow more items if you have not paid your outstanding fines.

WUR Library emails notifications. These notifications include requests, recalled items, overdue items and fines. Notifications are sent to your official WUR email account. Notifications for external users are sent to their registered email address. All notices from WUR Library are a courtesy only. Failure to receive these notifications, for whatever reasons, does not discharge your obligation to pay overdue fines.

Article 3

Access to the digital collection

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) - Library has license contracts with publishers and information providers to use electronic books, journals and databases. The contracts include the conditions of use of the licensed material.

Access to digital sources is restricted to WUR staff and students and to visitors of the WUR Library. Resources are accessed through network access, i.e., workstations registered at the Library and those registered within the IP domains of WUR. WUR staff and students can also access the digital sources off-campus; third parties cannot. Please consult the Library’s FAQ for further instructions on accessing digital materials.
You may download, print or save digital sources for personal use only. You may not, however, (systematically) download, print or save substantial parts of this digital material. You are responsible to ensure that such material is used only for personal purposes. Commercial use of this material or making this material available to others in whatever form or with whatever means is not allowed.

Violating these conditions may result in denied access to electronic material provided by publishers and information providers, not only for individual users but also for all WUR users.

If you have further questions about the fair use of licenced material, please do not hesitate to contact the Library Service Desk at + 31 (0) 317 48 6666 or

Article 4


- Handle Library materials carefully. You are responsible for all items checked out in your name. You must pay replacement costs if borrowed items are lost or damaged beyond repair. Examples of damage can include writing or highlighting, food spills, water damage et cetera. You are not allowed to lend borrowed items to third parties.

- Keep your email address up to date. Library notices are emailed. To ensure proper notification, you must keep the email address in your library account current.

- Respond to recall and overdue notices. You’ll receive a reminder to renew or to return your materials as the due date approaches. Fines begin accruing as soon as the due date passes. If your fines exceed 10 Euro, your Library account will be blocked until you return or pay for the borrowed items. You will be charged replacement costs for overdue items that are not returned.

If you violate these regulations, WUR may deny you access to the Library, its services and/or any digital resources.

Article 5

House rules

WUR Library wants to offer everybody a comfortable place to study, to work and to meet people. In addition to the Forum house rules, the following rules apply:

• Treat the study places and all facilities with respect.
• Respect the study environment of others and adapt your behaviour accordingly. Keep noise to a minimum, phone calls and loud talking are not allowed.
• Drinks are only allowed in spill-proof containers. Food, snacks and candy are not allowed in the Library.
• Leave your study place tidy for the person after you. Put your rubbish in the bins provided.
• Clear your study place if you are going to be absent for longer than 45 minutes.
• You are permitted to keep your belongings with you at your workstation. The Library is not responsible for the theft or loss of your possessions.
• You may take photographs or make films in WUR Library for private or study purposes. However, you may not photograph or film in the Special collections department. You may photograph Library visitors and employees only if you have asked their permission.
• Instructions from the Library staff are to be followed.
• The Library staff may ask you for your WUR card.
• The Library staff can ask you to leave, if you disturb other Library users.

Article 6

Compliments or Complaints

WUR Library strives to provide high quality services to all Library users. We invite feedback and if you have a problem with any aspect of our services, please contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve it. If you feel that a serious error has been made or if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received at or from the Library, you can also file a formal complaint at the Library Service Desk.

Complaints can be reported by mail to the address below, by telephone at 0317-486666, or by e-mail to

Wageningen University & Research - Library
Service Desk
Post Office Box 9100
6700 HA Wageningen

These and other regulations are part of the Formal Grievance Regulations for Facilities and Services.

Wageningen, August 2018