Alumnus testimonial

Secure and stable software for dairy farms

I enrolled to the master's programme of Biosystems Engineering because of my interest in agriculture, technology and design of innovative systems. I was specialised in the Farm Technology track with a primary focus on sustainable dairy farming. Currently, I work as a product manager in UNIFORM-Agri. The 60 headed UNIFORM-Agri team develops, sells and supports management software for dairy farms all over the world. As the product manager, it is my responsibility to keep developing and innovating the software whilst assuring and securing the stability and clarity of the programme for our users.

The combination of IT and agriculture, systems thinking and thinking out of the box are few of the many scenarios where I use my gained knowledge during the MAB program, in the field, every day.

My daily activities include quite some discussing with our sales team and the customers (international) about what they want, with the developers on what is possible and with the helpdesk about user experiences. Other tasks include conducting brainstorming sessions about smart functional solutions, writing structured designs, supporting the developers and testing the new software releases.

The combination of information technology and agriculture (thinking one step ahead when you're developing analyses for farmers), systems thinking (designing logical flows of the user interface) and thinking out of the box (integrating completely new data or branches into existing software) are few of the many scenarios where I use my gained knowledge during the MAB programme, in the field, every day. It proved itself to be a valuable basis to me for this fascinating and challenging position.

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