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Published on
November 26, 2020

In Databases & Collections you will find literature databases, videos, images, encyclopedia and statistics. Searching by title or subject leads you to reliable sources. A good start for your assignment or thesis.

Databases & Collections

Databases & Collections was previously called Recommended databases. But, we didn't just change the title. We added new databases, encyclopedia, compendia and video journals. Databases & Collections is a good source to find a reliable database for your literature search.

The Library subscribes to many databases. By using the filters on the left of the page you can find out which databases suit your needs. Some of the sources contain literature references, like the Natural Science Collection, others cover videos on lab techniques (JoVE). There's also a database with books on research methods.

My Study programme databases

As an extra service for students, the Library offers a short list of the best subject-specific databases for each study programme.

You can find this list in 'My Library' in a tile with the abbreviation of your study programme. If you start a specialisation or a different study programme, you’ll see that the list changes accordingly.

    Log in or use the Library Access browser extension

    Before you can use the databases or collections, you have to be logged in. Click on the orange Log in button at the top of the Library homepage, and log in with your WUR account. The second option is to download the Library Access browser extension. Read here how you can do that.

    Please send your questions and comments to the Servicedesk.