SG - Con S/V ersation – Bridging Art & Science for Conservation Impact

Tonight, Studium Generale organises a spin-off of her Spring Festival Perception – Between Art and Science, with an interactive workshop by Dr. Marjolijn Christianen (WUR) & Mirthe Dokter (independent artist).

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 7 June 2022 20:00

Venue Amphitheatre @ Impulse

Tonight, Studium Generale organises a spin-off of her Spring Festival Perception – Between Art and Science. Visual artist Mirthe Dokter and WUR marine ecologist Marjolijn Christianen bring to the stage the cooperation they started in Mirthe’s documentary Leatherback, presented at the festival. They both work on topics of nature and animal conservation, if from rather different angles. During this interactive workshop, they will enter into a practice-based conversation with each other and the audience. How do an artist and a scientist perceive, observe and investigate the world? What can we learn from each other? And how can artistic storytelling and scientific research reinforce each other in our conversation about nature and animal conservation?

About Marjolijn Christianen

Marjolijn Christianen is Associate Professor in Marine Ecology at Wageningen University and Research (WUR), Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management group, The Netherlands. She is fascinated about the underwater world and dedicated to science, conservation and underwater photography. Together with her research group, she studies the functioning of marine ecosystems and the feedback interactions between organisms and their changing environment. By contributing scientific sound input, and engaging in collaborations with nature managers and the public, she aims to enhance responsible management and conservation of marine ecosystems. See their overview of current research projects.

About Mirthe Dokter


Mirthe Dokter is an artist focusing on singing, theatre and the visual arts, fusing them smoothly in her work on stage. She is a hybrid maker and performer, combining arts from various disciplines and implementing science. An important part of her work is formed by exploring creation out of observation. She invites her audience to create for themselves while watching and listening to the performance, and to pay attention to their rich inner worlds. Using story-telling through clay, paint, wood-work, singing and text, she endeavors to create an atmosphere, in cooperation with her audience, of being and creating together. Be it on the shores of Ghana, in a documentary, a museum, or in a shelter for the homeless.

The connection to science also plays an important part in her artistic projects, as exemplified in her documentary Leatherback, screened at the Studium Generale Spring Festival. Her wish is to become an artist-eccologist, working on ecology together with scientists. Artistic observations are also interesting data, she believes. Together with theatre maker Tim Hammer, she created “De Balts” and “Strijd” in which they explore the relation between human and animal and embody it themselves.

Mirthe has cooperated with Graphoui Brussels, Museum Arnhem, KWATTA, Muziektheater de Plaats, Feikes Huis, KASKO, Werkplaats Diepenheim, D:DNA and the Nederlands Kamerkoor.

She works from her workshops in Arnhem and Brussels. You can visit her website.