SGL-31806 Fieldtraining Geosciences (Spain)

The final all included course before starting your SGL thesis

For details on contents, schedule and examination you can check the course guide here. On this page we just give some extra (practical) information, including students impressions.

This course has an early registration, so please register as soon as possible within our academic year, by mailing the coordinator.


Nice course.

Students impressions

Field training Geosciences is quite intensive, hard work and has a steep learning curve, although there is also time for fun (mainly in the weekends!). Just watch the follwing youtube for an impression of the group of 2014:

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Fieldtraining Geosciences (class 2014)

More Information

Please contact me if you need any more information about this course (see contact details above). 


Course Guide

Reader Fieldtraining Geosciences (handed out before the start of the course).