SGL-33306 Geology and Landscapes of the World

Never Look at a Landscape Without Wondering .......

SGL-33306 Geology and landscapes of the world is a full-time 4 week intensive course inperiod 6A, weeks 37-38-39-40. First week 37 morning lectures, afternoon practicals. Week 38-39 the 13-days long excursion through Germany, Luxemburg and France, so including the weekends and return on Saturday night. Week 4 is assignements, self-study and examination.

This course has a limited capacity, 1 touring car full. So third year Restricted Optional BSc students of SWA always can register and have priority. In addition this topic is semi-compulsory for students entering the MEE-D track without having followed this course before. Finally, if there are places left, minoers can join. Please always contact de course coordinator.

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