Surf Your Stress week

From 16 till 20 November 2020, WUR organized the second edition of the Surf your Stress week for WUR students. A week full of inspiring – corona-proof - workshops, lectures, sports activities, and relaxation.

Why? Stress is part of life. In fact, stress helps you to deal with challenging situations, and can even push you to peak performance! However, too much or chronic stress will get you out of balance.

Surf your Stress aims to provide insight in the influence of stress on your body and mind and offers practical tips on how to deal with it.

In 2021 the Surf your Stress week will be from 15 until 19 November. Save the date, learn to balance and ride the waves!

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Mon 15 November 2021 until Fri 19 November 2021

Venue Online / Corona proof
Price Free

The Surf your Stress week 2020 is organised in collaboration with:

* The WUR Student Council
* SWU Thymos
* WUR Library
* SC De Bongerd

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In the spotlight

Active Online Workshop

Active online workshops

Ester Klein Hesselink & Anneke Valk

You and your monkey mind

Meet the monkey in your mind and learn how to deal with this uninvited guest. Discover how you and your monkey can reach a state of peaceful co-existence.

The power of breathing

Did you know breathing is is one of the most powerful tools for a healthy body and a peaceful mind? Find out how breathing consciously, lowers your stress level in both body and mind.

Wear comfortable clothes, grab your water bottle and join in for some light exercise and useful inspiration.

Get inspired, sit less, and feel better!

(In collaboration with with SWU Thymos and SC De Bongerd)


Call it a day: switching off work

Thijs Launspach

Thijs Launspach is a psychologist specializing in burnouts in young people. He wrote the book 'Fokking Druk' ("Effing busy") and recently 'Werk kan uit' (Work has an off-switch). Sounds good, right? But how do you do that in a 12 m2 student room? How do you structure your life and stay motivated?

COVID-19 turned our world upside down this year. Lecture halls were moved to Brightspace and our social life went down a notch or two. For some people FOMO turned into JOMO, others see the walls closing in on them.

In tuesday’s master class, Thijs presents you 10 ways to study effectively at home while keeping an eye on your mental health.

Tuesday, 17 November 19:30

Johan van Houten

Find your digital balance

Johan van Houten

Can you imagine life without the internet or social media? Johan van Houten can! He went offline for an entire year. Back to a landline telephone, finding your way without Google Maps, and flirting face to face in a café.

These challenging times force us to spend even more time online. Don’t you wish you could take back control of your life that is ruled by e-mails, phones, and social media? Johan van Houten will share the benefits of spending time offline and gives practical tips on how to achieve a healthy digital balance, step by step.

Thursday, 19 November, 19:30