Twister III system platform

The Twister III is an automated platform enabling high throughput growth data collection.

The system contains 2 integrated SpectraMax 340PC384 Microplate readers and 12 Inheco MP shaking incubators. A robotic arm enables cyclic OD measurements. Incubators can be programmed to shake and have temperature settings ranging from ambient up to 80°C. Each of the incubators can be programmed individually. This system enables the collection of  growth data of bacteria and yeast in 96 and 384 well format.

Technical details

  • 2 SpectraMax 340PC384 Microplate readers enabling measurements between 340-850 nm
  • Compatible with standard 96- and 384-well plates
  • Incubators can shake from 400 to 1800 rpm
  • Temperature ambient to+80°C, heating from bottom contact surface
  • Fastest cycle speed of 12 plates allows measurements each 25 minutes


Monitoring growth performance of bacteria/yeast. Following chemical processes compatible with SpectraMax wavelenght range

Complementary techniques

The automated platform can be combined with our BD FACS AriaTM III cell sorter. This would enable the sorting of single and other predetermined numbers of cells and cells from specific populations into 96/384 well plates containing appropriate media. Outgrowth kinetics can then be followed simultaneously in a wide range of conditions and temperatures.