User survey in November 2013

Published on
October 24, 2013

Wageningen UR Library is holding a digital user survey from 4 till 22 November. The survey will poll Library users about different aspects of the Library's services.
For the survey we will use the international system LibQUAL+™ so that we can compare our results with those of national and international libraries to better understand the Library’s performance.

LibQUAL+™ user survey to measure the quality of the Library’s services

How does the survey work?

A random selection from the Wageningen UR staff and students will be invited by e-mail to complete the online survey. This invitation contains an URL for the survey form in Dutch as well as an URL for the survey form in English. One week before the invitation will be sent, the selected people will get an announcement by e-mail, stating that they are chosen. After the survey closes, gift cards from or from €25,- will be offered to 40 randomly selected respondents.

Respondents will be asked to score their attitudes about the Library’s service (by giving a number between 1 (lowest) and 9 (highest) on each item) along three levels of service:
1. Minimum: what is the minimum level of service that you consider to be acceptable
2. Desired: what level of service do you personally want
3. Perceived: what level of service do you perceive at this moment.
The questions are clustered into three dimensions:
-    Affect of Service
-    Library as Place
-    Access to information.
These clusters are not visible for the respondents. The consequence is that some questions may seem redundant, but when evaluating their results, there should be some consistency as to how those clusters of similar questions are answered.
Using this information, we can precisely see where our services are not meeting user expectations, which parts of our services users find the most important, and where we can adjust our policy in the coming years to improve our services and better meet user expectations.
The results will be published on our website in due time.

Confidentiality of data

Although some information is captured from respondents, such as their network address and e-mail address, the respondent’s privacy is protected in two ways:
1. Only very indirect information is captured, which would be difficult to trace back to an individual.
2. Everything possible is done to separate personal information from survey responses. E-mail addresses are not saved with the responses, and once they are saved, there is no way to link an individual’s responses to his/her e-mail address.

For questions about the survey, please contact Jos Smelik.