Video launched to present the NEADAP Dairy Sustainability Assessment Tool (DSAT)

Published on
January 23, 2023

The Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership (NEADAP) has launched a video to present its Dairy Sustainability Assessment Tool (DSAT).

In order to get a clear view of the threats to sustainability in the dairy business and stimulate dialogue about integral dairy development, a joint assessment of the challenges is necessary. To achieve this, NEADAP developed the Dairy Sustainability Assessment Tool (DSAT).

The DSAT tool has three steps: a) identify the main threats to sustainability, b) score the current performance, and c) generate further discussion on pathways to action towards increasing sustainability. To inform stakeholders about the purpose and use of the new DSAT tool, a short video was made.

A practical tool to increase sustainability

In the video, Dr. Asaah Ndambi of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) explains how the tool can be used: “In a typical workshop for dairy sustainability assessment we choose between three levels of assessment; farm level, regional/cluster level, or national level.” During an assessment, different stakeholders with a good understanding of the dairy sector are brought together to identify and score priority aspects and indicators. Consequently, the individual scores are aggregated to average rounded scores per aspect. It is a practical tool that can be used to evaluate the social, economical and environmental factors relating to the sustainability of the dairy value chain.

Later this year, the tool will become available as an online webtool as a component of LSAT (Livestock Sustainability Assessment Tool). Next to dairy, LSAT will also incorporate beef, agropastoralism and circularity. More information on NEADAP and the DSAT tool can be found on the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) website.

The Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership (NEADAP) offers a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience to tackle current challenges and leverage further development in East African dairy. NEADAP develops and scales solutions that boost dairy for employment, nutrition, and a sustainable agroecological base. Its core partners are Agriterra, SNV, Solidaridad and Wageningen University & Research (WUR).