Wageningen Campus Expedition a great success!

Published on
June 30, 2022

Wageningen Campus Expedition was held during the week of June 13-20. Many people took advantage of the opportunity to take a peek inside the organisations that are located on Wageningen Campus and at Business Science Park Wageningen. With almost 300 attendees, it was clear that this event was received with much enthusiasm.

Residents of Wageningen Campus and Business and Science Park Wageningen were able to take a look behind the scenes of the participating organisations. At a total of 20 locations, guided tours were given by enthusiastic employees.

At the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, visitors heard the story of how microalgae have assisted in the recovery of nutrients from concentrated wastewater. Newly established organisation Upfield had a market stall that offered various plant-based products that could be sampled; visitors were also given explanations about these products from the researchers of this organisation.

VHLGenetics demonstrated its knowledge of genetic testing and DNA extraction from plants and animals. Campus Expedition participants were given a guided tour of the company and they also visited the lab areas.

As a result, new connections were made and knowledge was exchanged at all of the locations that were involved in the Campus Expedition. It was also abundantly clear that Wageningen Campus and Business Science Park Wageningen offer an inspiring environment where new ideas and innovative solutions for global challenges in the Agrifood domain are brought together.

Now it’s on to next year’s expedition!