Waiting for the plastic soup to be solved

Published on
April 18, 2009

Article in De Volkskrant - interview with Captain Charles Moore who discovered the mountain of plastic waste on the Pacific Ocean.


Captain Charles Moore is on land for a while. The man who, more than ten years ago, discovered the contours of a gigantic graveyard of plastic waste on his catamaran in the Pacific, is steering his car through San Francisco.

The captain and self-made scientist has news. We have analysed five hundred lanternfish', he says by telephone. In 175 specimens of this barely 10 centimetre long fish, which swims at a depth of 100 metres, the stomach contents contained several pieces of wafer-thin plastic. Some stomachs contained twenty pieces, some forty, the sad record was eighty pieces'.

Go to the article in Volkskrant: "Wachten tot de plasticsoep is opgelost"