WDCC Organises: Vision on Data Science and AI @ WUR

Are you interested in the role of data science and AI in the life sciences? Do you wonder what WUR can do to tackle domain-related needs and challenges with high tech solutions? Then join our PANEL DISCUSSION on 27 October 13:00-14:30 on MS Teams.

Organised by WDCC

Tue 27 October 2020 13:00 to 14:30

Venue Microsoft Teams

How to participate:

Register by sending an email to, and you will receive the Outlook invitation with the MS Teams link.


In this panel discussion we will relate research questions from the WUR domains with (im)possibilities in the fields of AI and data science. Too often these different disciplines have difficulties in understanding each other, if they meet at all. With this workshop we aim to connect leaders from the WUR domains with researchers in the digital disciplines. 

Our panel consists of 5 programme leaders of the Knowledge Base programmes, that have the goal to develop the knowledge at WUR that is needed to tackle upcoming challenges in the coming years.  


Saskia Visser - Towards a Circular and Climate Neutral Society
Ivo Demmers - Food Security and Valuing Water
Lawrence Jones-Walters - Nature Inclusive Transitions
Gulden Yilmaz - Healthy and Safe Food Systems
Willem Jan Knibbe - Data Driven & High Tech 

What are the topics that you think should be discussed? You are invited to submit and comment on the propositions of the panel discussion in this link, which will remain open until the start of the workshop: 

A follow-up session will be held on 10 November 13:00-14:30, which aims at clarifying the technical and practical requirements for software products to be delivered by WUR.

The workshop is part of a series organized by the Knowledge Management project in the Data Driven & High Tech programme, see more information here.