When librarians don’t read: A selection of artwork by five WUR librarians

Published on
March 22, 2019

Librarians do not read all day, of course. In their free time they are bursting with creativity, trying out new artistic techniques and trending crafts. This highly original exposition brings together the artwork of five WUR librarians. On display are one-of-a kind pieces and unique, high quality artwork. Come visit the exhibition on the 3rd floor in Forum Library. It runs until June 2019.


Anita Dijkstra
Anita has created several objects in stained glass, a laborious technique. She has chosen to exhibit a few abstract objects and two stained glass objects featuring a sweetgum leaf and a swallow.

Charles Leon.jpg

Charles Leon
Charles has followed several photography courses. The exhibited photos are from buildings in Wageningen and on the WUR campus in particular. The sculpture in the middle is also made by Charles.


Linda Persoon
Linda is a multi-talent. She plays baritone, writes poems, draws and paints. For this exhibition she has selected a few pencil drawings and some colourful flower and bird paintings in acrylic.  


Jan Vos
Jan is another multi-talent. He plays the didgeridoo, writes poems and uses different fine art techniques. He draws in pencil and pen, and he sculpts in several types of stone. And last but not least, he uses fire to draw on wood. This technique is called pyrography.


Joke Webbink
Joke's drawings are done in Indian and acrylic ink. The series is called Landscape of My Life. Each drawing represents an emotion.

We are always looking for artwork for upcoming exhibits. Are you an artistic scientist or a scientific artist? And WUR student or staff? The Forum Library could be a perfect exhibition space! We offer a unique possibility to share your work with a wider audience.  For more information contact