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Reserve your spot in no time with the new reservation app

On Wednesday 29 January, Sports Centre De Bongerd’s new reservation app will be going live. From then on, it will be easier to book and cancel your lessons/courses online. You will also be able to set your personal email preferences and choose what information you want to receive from the sports centre. Due to the implementation of these changes, the SCB website will not be available on Wednesday morning.

Quick and easy reservations, whenever and wherever you want

Those with a WUR account can now book a sports class via the blue login button. You can also manage your sports activities from your smartphone or tablet via the app.

And if you can’t make it to your class, it’s now much easier to deregister. Henri ten Klooster (Head of Sports Centre De Bongerd) is pleased with the new system: ‘It’s much easier to book your classes now. We expect that the available spots in the lessons will be used more efficiently. It’s also really easy for students and employees to deregister, freeing up a spot for someone else.’

Check in or deregister

If you have booked a class, don’t forget to check in using your WUR Card when you arrive at the sports centre. The new system registers whether you turned up or not. If you don’t check in, you will receive an email alert from us. You can deregister for a class up to 30 minutes before it starts.

Information tailored to your personal needs

In the new system you can select which sports you want to receive information about. For example, you will only receive news about athletics if you want to receive that information, and you won’t receive any emails about swimming or fitness.

Logging in without a WUR account 

Even those without a WUR account will find it much easier to log in. However, you will need to visit the reception desk at the sports centre to create an account. You can drop by whenever you like; you don’t need to make an appointment.