Daily Board SWU Thymos '14/1, from left to right: Daniella Kourie, Merijn Moerland, Aljan Ausema, Alexander Dank, Erik Bos and Lisa Naus

Daily Board

The main responsibility from the six members of the SWU Thymos Daily Board (DB) is to represent thesportive Wageningen students. Apart from a chair(wo)man, secretary / vice chair(wo)man and treasurer, also a commissioner PR and two commissioners sports are part of the DB.

Throughout the year the daily board (DB) organises many events like the Sportsnight, Battle of the Studies and dance-evening. Besides we make sure that at least once a month you can do a special ‘Experience’, this means we organise activities that most people have never done before like flowboarding and gliding, but also 'apenkooien' and rope skipping! We also make sure that there are always several kinds of internal competitions in knotsbal, volleyball, indoor and outdoor football. Moreover, the DB distributes subsidies among the 28 student sports clubs and individual athletes who play sports at recognized associations. The daily board helps students to participate in national sport events and makes sure that small materials are sufficient for all sporting students. Besides these tasks, there are many more services Thymos has to offer to students with sports rights.

At the moment the daily board consists of:

  • Chairmen: Esther Veldhuizen
  • Secretary: Els Huizing
  • Treasurer: Koen Jansen
  • Commissioner of Publicity: Jeroen Sonnemans
  • Commissioner of Sports  I: Sonja Beers
  • Commissioner Sports II: Suzanne Spijkers


Hey Everyone!

I am Esther Veldhuizen and I am fulfilling the role as chairwoman of Thymos this year. My main tasks are leading meetings with the daily board, the general board and with the Sport Centre the Bongerd. Besides of that I also have contact with the municipality, the Student Council and the University to represent the sportive students of Wageningen. This year I will try my hardest best to fulfill the wishes of the sporting student.

Last September, I finished my thesis and with this to the an end of my bachelor International Development studies. Besides studying I also wanted to develop myself in team working, organising events and representing an organisation. This combined with my passion for sports led me decide to apply for the board of Thymos. For me it is important that people find a sport which suits them best and that they enjoy sports. I found this in running, playing squash, biking, and the lessons offered by the Bongerd. I am open to learn new sports and I am looking forward to the experiences organized by Thymos and the trainings of the student sport associations.

Feel welcome to come to the Thymos office and to learn more about sports in Wageningen!

Sportive regards,




My name is Els Huizing, I’m 21 years old and I’m the secretary of SWU Thymos this year. Before Thymos I finished my bachelor Biology. Since childhood, I was often playing sports. Athletics, swimming and cycling are sports I used to do. Cycling has become most important and I also played matches for years. Since I’m a student, I became a member of WSWV Hellingproef and I’m also training for a triathlon.

Besides sporting, I also like organising sport events and being involved in my sport association in the board. After two years in the board of Hellingproef, I’m ready for a new challenge. That’s why I chose for the Thymos board.

My tasks as a secretary are making records during meetings, keeping contact with sport associations, writing the policy and the annual report. Besides, I’m the contact with the GNSK board and I’m responsible for the monthly news mailing. Together with the chairwoman, I visit nationwide meetings and I know everything about the regulations

Sportive regards,

Els Huizing


Hey everyone,

I am Koen Jansen and I’m your treasurer this year. After my board year at Tartlétos and a variety of other committees at both Tartlétos and the study association of Forest and Nature conservation, I want to dedicate myself to the sporting student. I always liked the activities of a board and committees, but I found it difficult to manage those tasks next to my study. Sport used to be an important part of my life and I hope to spread my enthusiasm to other people.

As treasurer I’m responsible for the finances. To my weekly tasks belong paying and sending invoices, take care of subsidy requests and of course accounting. Also I make the budget and clearance and I am involved in the organisation of a few Thymos events.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our board tasks, do come by at our office!

Sportive regards,

Koen Jansen

Commissioner of Publicity:

Hey Everyone,

My name is Jeroen Sonnemans, and I will take care of the publicity of SWU Thymos this year. This implies that, for example, I have to design posters and flyers for our events and experiences. During these activities I also make pictures and publish them on our Facebook and Instagram. In addition, I post Thymos/sport-related news on Facebook and our website.

This year I will also design the folders of 28 student sport associations and the sports guide. This is a booklet including all the sports offered for students. These booklets will be offered in the AID-bags for example. Next to my PR tasks I also organise some events, like the Thymos Wintersports.

When I heard about this board, I decided to take a break from my studies Soil, Water, Atmosphere. Besides the fact that I want to know everything about the earth, I am very interested in sports. Another reason is that I learn things, that I miss in my studies. Applying for Thymos was a logic step for me.

Up to now, I did footbal, atletics and tennis. These days, I spend my time especially on running and fitness, but I also like to try new sports during trainings of sport associations or our own activities. Furthermore, I hope to meet a lot of people with the same passion for sports!

Sportive regards,

Jeroen Sonnemans

Commissioner of Sports I:


In het collegejaar 2017/2018 heb ik, Sonja Beers, de taak van Commissaris Sport. Samen met Suzanne Spijkers deel ik deze functie. Wij houden ons bezig met het organiseren van super gave evenementen, experiences en Thymos interne competities. Als bestuurslid van het bestuur van SWU Thymos heb ik natuurlijk een passie voor sport. Zelf schaats en wielren ik al jaren. Dit jaar mogen wij ook een hele hoop nieuwe sporten uitproberen, waar ik nu al naar uitkijk!
Ik ben Thymos gaan doen na het afronden van mijn bachelor Voeding en Gezondheid. En ik verwacht via deze weg mijn kennis op een andere manier te verbreden.

Wij, Suzanne en ik, staan altijd open voor ideeën van buiten af. Dus speel jij een sport die hier niet gespeeld word, maar die je wel graag hier ziet, of wil jij een sportevenement organiseren, dan kun je ons altijd contacten.

Sportive regards,

Sonja Beers

Commissioner of Sports II:


My name is Suzanne Spijkers and together with Sonja, I am Commissioner of Sports this year. SO we are responsible of organizing sportive events and experiences, we will try to make those as fun as possible! Furthermore, we organize the Thymos Internal Competitions, whereby I am in charge of knotsball and beach volleybal.

I started with Thymos after my third year International Development studies, because I really wanted to work a full year practical for once. Besides, I really looked forward to organizing events and was curious how I would experience working together full-time for an entire year. But most importantly, I joined Thymos because it’s a sports board and I really love to sport!

Since I was young, I’ve done hockey and since I started my studies in Wageningen I switched to Lacrosse. This sport stole my heart and I still really enjoy doing it.

If you have any questions or ideas, please stop by our office sometimes or send us an email :)

Sportive regards,

Suzanne Spijkers