Rent and sale

Rent of material

You can rent materials at Sports Centre de Bongerd by showing your WUR card with sports rights. For some materials a small fee is required. The materials are rented in exchange for the WUR card. There are all kinds of materials that can be rented like volley-, basket-, and footballs, climbing material and pions. If you want to rent something, please in inform what is possible at the desk.

Thymos also rents a few materials that can be used during tournaments or games:

  • megaphone (€2,50)
  • walkie-talkies (€2,50)
  • stopwatches
  • digital photo camera (€50,- deposit + ID)
  • digitale videocamera (€50,- deposit + ID)

When you want to hire one of these materials, please visit our office!


SWU Thymos also sells two products:

  • Knotsall stick €8,50
  • Frisbee €10,00

These materials can be picked up at our office and need to be paid in cash.